Benefit Plan Administration Mission Statement

Our mission statement emphasizes our commitment to multiemployer plans. Our mission is to assist trustees to:

  • plan, establish and maintain tax-qualified, financially sound, and effective health plans and pension plans for participant security;
  • discharge their other responsibilities; and
  • administer their plan in compliance with the applicable law and regulations.

We are prepared to provide a broad range of administrative services to you to meet the objectives described above.

  • Financial: We help Trustees establish target objectives including reserve levels and funding status for their funds, and monitor their financial condition on a regular basis. We help establish and maintain an investment policy and help Trustees monitor investment performance.
  • Plan Design: We help Trustees consider changes in their plan. Building on the annual actuarial valuation, we examine alternatives for retirement income security consistent with ERISA.
  • Compliance: We help Trustees comply with Federal regulations and statutes. We assist in filing of government and tax reports. We work closely with the funds' other advisors to accomplish the above and maintain the tax-qualified status of the funds.
  • Communications: We help Trustees notify plan participants of changes. When so directed, our consulting division will prepare all plan amendments for Trustee approval, restate the plan document after major revisions to the plan, and prepare summary plan descriptions to communicate benefits effectively to plan participants.
  • Research: We brief Trustees on emerging developments in health and pension plan design, Federal regulation, and compliance issues. Trustees receive written reports analyzing key issues on a periodic basis.
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